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"I chose Theology at Cambridge because it is less conventional than other universities' theology programmes. The opportunity to choose the subjects that interested me, as well as the fantastic support  of my supervisors, made the course intellectually rewarding and a great foundation for my own career.
The academic rigour, sensitivity and confidence I gained from TRS was useful preparation for work on international policy issues where I regularly need to appreciate different perspectives, assess evidence and make coherent arguments."
Primrose Lovett
Graduate Programme, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Highly employable

Our graduates are highly employable, offering multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary skills, and detailed knowledge of diverse world views and issues.

•95% in further study or employment 6 months after graduation. See for more details
•Around 45% of our students go on to postgraduate education, including professional qualifications such as the one-year conversion to law, management, and teaching.
•90% of students who go directly into work are in a managerial or professional role just 6 months after graduation


A huge diversity of careers

TRS-UK have produced a series of videos showcasing the career destinations of theology and religious studies graduates from across the UK. Find out how you could have a rewarding career ranging from the automobile industry to law. Why not start with listening to Cambridge graduate, Tiwa?


A story from one of our alumni

Will Lyon Tupman was in care before coming to Cambridge to studying in the Faculty. You can listen to him talking about his drive to make Cambridge more accessible to those in care, while he was still a student, and what he has done since graduation.