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Highly employable

Our graduates are highly employable, offering multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary skills, and detailed knowledge of diverse world views and issues.

In a typical undergraduate cohort:

•95% will be in further study or employment 6 months after graduation.
•Around 45% of our students will go on to postgraduate education, including professional qualifications such as one-year conversion courses to law, management and teaching.
•90% of students who go directly into work will be in a managerial or professional role within 6 months of graduation

In 2024, our Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion (TRPR) undergraduate course once again secured its position amongst the world’s top academic programs, with a particular focus being the outstanding career prospects of our graduates recognised in multiple rankings (more detail here).

A wide range of career options

Our alumni find work across a huge diversity of careers.

"I chose theology at Cambridge because it is less conventional than other universities' theology programmes. The opportunity to choose the subjects that interested me, as well as the fantastic support  of my supervisors, made the course intellectually rewarding and a great foundation for my own career.
The academic rigour, sensitivity and confidence I gained from studying theology was useful preparation for work on international policy issues where I regularly need to appreciate different perspectives, assess evidence and make coherent arguments."
Primrose Lovett
Graduate Programme, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Meet our alumni

Click on the careers below to find out what our graduates did during their time at University and how studying theology has helped them since graduating. You can also watch the videos via our YouTube channel.