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Divinity Faculty Library


Divinity Library, unknown photographer

Our primary aim is to support current members of the University, for their learning and research.

The most frequent questions we get asked about:

If you have any queries, please contact the library, or ask us when you are in the Library.


Readers in the Divinity Library
Readers in the Divinity Library, unknown photographer
Current members and official visiting scholars of the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Theological Federation, one of the 31 Colleges of the University of Cambridge, or Tyndale House can use the Divinity Library throughout the year.

Alumni/alumnae/other external scholars or students: you are welcome to use the Divinity Library in vacation time. In term time, we need to reserve our resources, space and library staff time for current members of the University. Thank you for your understanding. Please go to Information for non-current members and external students/scholars for more information, please.

Access & support: The Divinity Library will aim to assist those users who might benefit from extra support, which might include, but is not limited to the following:

  • a borrower has children with him/her
  • a reader with restricted mobility (e.g. heavily pregnant women, the elderly/frail or persons on crutches, or wheelchair users)
  • a library user with ‘other impairments’ (such as visual or any other conditions which may affect entering the library, or using our services).

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