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Faculty of Divinity


New Testament Research Seminar

Fenton Hort, former Lady Margaret's Professor of DivinityThe New Testament Research Seminar has a long and distinguished history, dating back to its establishment under FC Burkitt in c. 1912. Membership then, which was by invitation, was for Cambridge academics, not just from Theology but also from related disciplines, and visitors from other Universities also attended; of those days an early member wrote:

"After all it was terrifying, if you were unlearned and a newcomer, to take your place at that table, or to sit on a chair at the other end of the room and gaze on the learned from afar."

Our purpose is still shared serious academic engagement, but we hope it is somewhat less terrifying.

Members are drawn from the Faculty and others with a specialist interest in the field in Cambridge, as well as from visiting scholars spending time in Cambridge; graduate students in the field are valued members, and participation in the Seminar is a core element of the research programme for doctoral students.

Papers cover a wide range of themes and approaches within the general field of New Testament study, including the wider context of the history and thought of the period and of early Christianity, and are followed by extensive discussion. Speakers come from Cambridge, from other universities in the UK, and from overseas.


NEW TESTAMENT RESEARCH SEMINAR 2022-23, Tuesdays, 4-5.30pm, Lightfoot Room

For information contact George van Kooten, Email 

Michaelmas Term (MT) 2022

MT-i, Tuesday 18 October 2022 Jan Dochhorn (Durham), ‘The Adam Myth in Paul and in Hellenistic Judaism’ (Mohr Siebeck 2021)
MT-ii, Tuesday 1 November 2022 Helen van Noorden (Girton) & Hilary Marlow (Girton), 'Eschatology in Antiquity: Forms and Functions’ (Routledge, 2021)
MT-iii, Tuesday 15 November 2022 Andrew Byers (Ridley Hall) ‘John and the Others: Jewish Relations, Christian Origins, and the Sectarian Hermeneutic’ (Baylor, 2021)
MT-iv, Tuesday 29 November 2022 Julia Snyder (Westcott House), ‘Let’s stop talking about “Christians”, “believers”, etc.: Paul’s Letters and Categories’Lent Term (LT) 2023
LT-i, Tuesday 31 January 2023 Candida Moss (Birmingham), ‘Enslaved Labor and the Composition of Early Christian Texts’
LT-ii, Tuesday 14 February 2023 Maren Niehoff (Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Beaufort Fellow, Cambridge), ‘Paul and Cynicism reconsidered in light of Philo’s Treatise On the Freedom of the Righteous
LT-iii, Tuesday 28 February 2023 Jan Bloemendal (Huygens Institute, Amsterdam), The first ‘Erasmus Lecture in the Contextualization of the New Testament Within the Graeco-Roman World’ on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the publication of Erasmus’ Paraphrase on John (February 1523) (This lecture is in the Runcie Room)
LT-iv, Tuesday 14 March 2023 Elizabeth Shively (St Andrews), 'The Invention of the Gospel: Genre, Meaning, and Identity’ (OUP, in progress)Easter Term (ET) 2023
ET-i, Tuesday 9 May 2023 Annalisa Phillips Wilson (Cambridge), '"Reciprocal Asymmetry" and 1 Cor 7'
ET-ii, Tuesday 23 May 2023 Dawn LaValle Norman (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne; Lewis-Gibson Fellow, Cambridge), ‘“Jesus, Son of Mary” (Mark 6:3): Matronymics and Mixed Crowds’
ET-iii, Tuesday 6 June 2023 Final-year PhD’s presentations, tbc







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