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The Study of Religion

There is a long tradition of the social scientific study of religion; indeed, it may be claimed that the social sciences began from the study of religion.

There are three main strands to this study – sociological, anthropological, and psychological – each with an important body of empirical studies and accompanying theories. Teaching in the Faculty draws on all three strands and has a strong interest both in the diversity of religious practices worldwide and in the history of their study.

For undergraduates, the first year course A6 ‘Introduction to the Study of Religion’ is a good preparation both for papers in World Christianities (C4 ‘Themes in World Christianities’ and D2E ‘The Rise of Pentecostalism, 1900 to the present day’, at present both third year papers) and C7 ‘Topics in the Contemporary Study of Religion’.

Graduates should consider the MPhil in World Christianities, and look at the profiles of Dr Joel Cabrita, Dr Timothy Jenkins, and Professor David Maxwell when considering supervision for a doctorate.