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Faculty of Divinity


Drs Muthuraj Swamy and Ankur Barua, ‘Friendships of the Everyday: Explorations Across South Asian Settings’ (03.03.21)


Joanna Tarassenko, 'An Afternoon with Bonhoeffer: Polyphony and Love in the Musical Imagination' (12.03.20)


Drs Simone Kotva and Giles Waller, 'An Afternoon with Van Gogh: Art, Theology, and Philosophy' (05.12.19)


Matthew Fell, ‘We Believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, The Giver of Life…and Language?’ (11.03.19)
Respondent: Joshua Heath


Austin Stevenson, ‘Historiography, Metaphysics, and Historical Jesus Studies’ (29.11.18)

Respondent: Barnabas Aspray


Ryan Haecker, ‘Analogy and dialectic in Plato’ (26.04.18)
Respondent: Sebastian Milbank


Daniel Soars, ‘The beginnings of Indology in British India’ and Nadya Pohran, ‘Hindu-Christian dialogue in 20th Century North India: a case study of Sat Tal Christian Ashram’ (28.11.17)


Silvianne Aspray, ‘The Metaphysical Ambiguity of the Reformation’ (14.11.16)
Respondent: Jon Mackenzie


Pui Him Ip, ‘The Genesis of Divine Simplicity in Patristic Theology: Why this Historical Question matters for Contemporary Theology’ (05.06.16)
Respondent: Sebastian Milbank


Hugh Burling, ‘Disagreement about God: Why does it Matter?’ (22.02.16)
Respondents: Saleh Zarepour and Tommaso Manzon


Nathan Lyons, ‘Culture is Second Nature: Understanding Biological Evolution as Habit with Félix Ravisson’ (24.11.15)
Respondent: Simone Kotva


Ragnar M. Bergem, ‘Remember History, Rethinking Thought: Approaches to Hegel in Modern Theology’ (05.06.15)


Ed Stroud, ‘The Self and the Other: Reading John 17’ (11.03.15)
Respondent: Nathan Lyons


Luke Steven, ‘Augustine in the Garden of Eden: How the Fall Narrative Governs the Conversion Narrative of the Confessions’ (05.12.14)
Respondent: David Torrance