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Faculty of Divinity

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Pembroke College
Dr Ankur  Barua
University Senior Lecturer in Hindu Studies
01223 763011
Dr Jörg  Haustein
Associate Professor in World Christianities
Fellow, Selwyn College
Director of Studies, Selwyn College
Postgraduate Tutor, Selwyn College
01223 763039
Professor Douglas  Hedley
Professor of the Philosophy of Religion
Fellow, Clare College
01223 763028
Professor Julius  Lipner
Emeritus Professor of Hinduism and the Comparative Study of Religion
Director of Research
Fellow, Clare Hall
Alastair Lockhart individual photograph for Faculty of Divinity University of Cambridge
Director of Studies, Hughes Hall
Senior Postgraduate Tutor, Churchill College
Dr Justin  Meggitt
University Senior Lecturer in the Study of Religion
01223 763030
Professor Esra  Özyürek
Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths and Shared Values
CIP Academic Director
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Professor Janet  Soskice
Professor of Philosophical Theology
Emerita Fellow, Jesus College
01223 339406
Dr Vincenzo  Vergiani
Professor of Sanskrit
Dr Joseph  Webster
Professor of the Anthropology of Religion
Fellow and DoS, Social Anthropology, Downing
Graduate Tutor, Downing
01223 763093
Polonsky-Coexist Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies
Fellow and Graduate Tutor, Darwin College
01223 763412
Dr Timothy  Winter
Shaykh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies
01223 763022