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Undergraduate Study at the Faculty of Divinity

(BA) Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion is a full-time undergraduate course, taught over three years.

It is an academic degree, covering the thought and practice of all the major world religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, as well as the historical, cultural and political significance of faith and spirituality.

Students are given the freedom to choose which topics they most wish to study, from a diverse list of papers (aka modules), and can create a tailor-made programme of study.

In the first year there are two compulsory elements which must be included, a Scriptural Language (Hebrew, New Testament Greek, Sanskrit or Qur'anic Arabic) and a Biblical Paper (New Testament or Old Testament studies), but in the second and third years there is complete freedom of choice.

A list of all possible papers, with detailed descriptions can be found here in the course resources section for current students.

Entry Requirements:   

Visit the university's Undergraduate Study web pages for specific details on applying.

Typical offers require

A Level: A*AA
IB: 40-41 points, with 776 at Higher Level

For other qualifications, see the Entrance requirements pages.

Course Requirements:

Required by all Colleges: no specific subjects
Required by some Colleges: no specific subjects, some may require an essay-based subject
Useful preparation: English (Literature or Language), History, Philosophy and Ethics, Religious Studies, a language (ancient or modern), but so can any subjects that encourage clear, logical thinking and careful analysis of evidence.

Any Questions?

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