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Options for returning books:

You can return Divinity library books directly to the Library during our opening hours.

Return books via dropboxes

For returning books outside the above hours, there are are two bookdrop boxes on the Sidgwick Campus site:

Sidgbox 1 and Sidgbox 2

Sidboxw 1 & 2, September 2018

  • Sidgbox 1 (between the English Faculty, Alison Richard and the History Faculty buildings).
  • Sidgbox 2 (Near the Lady Mitchell Hall; close to the Buttery and the Philosophy Library).

Return any books from the English Faculty Library, the Modern and Medieval Languages Library, Philosophy Library or Divinity Library, and a lovely librarian will return them for you.

Sidgbox 1 is open 24/7 and will be emptied daily (Mon-Fri; Sat only in term time). Out-of-term time we will make every effort to continue emptying and transferring books returned via the box.

Sidgbox 2 is will be closed during the day, but open at nights and over the weekends, and books are collected from here: Mon-Fri mornings (in term and out-of-term time).

Please don’t return college library books, books from the UL, or short-loan items.

If you return overdue books, please be aware that they might only be discharged from your account the next working day of the Divinity Library. So a book returned on Friday evening will be discharged on Monday morning. Please note that you won't be charged for days when the Divinity Library is closed, but any book discharged after we are closed counts as 1 day late. Usually, the last collection is at 15:00 (Mon-Fri), so please return books early!

Sidgbox 1, near English Faculty Library, History and Alison Richard building near Lady Mitchell Hall and Casimir Lewy Library