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Noesis is a forum for graduates of the University of Cambridge, particularly those working in the areas of philosophical and systematic theology. Historically, Noesis has explored the intersection of theology, philosophy, and poetics, including literature, the visual arts, and music; in addition to editing an annual journal, the team also runs a termly seminar that is open to the public. 

 Noesis Seminar: Stay tunes for the Michaelmas Noesis Seminar. 

The Noesis Review: Our annual journal showcases essays, prose, and verse of 500-2,000 words by graduate students (and perhaps some visual art). Though the journal focuses on the meeting place of theology, philosophy, and poetics, it is open to submissions in those broader subject areas. Submissions are considered throughout the year, and contributors may be connected to any faculty.

Final Deadline for Submissions: Stay Tuned!

Please send abstracts (150 words) to

Submissions might include:

  • an essay examining the interplay between theology, philosophy, and poetics, including literature, the visual arts, and music.
  • theological and philosophical commentary on recent publications 
  • responses to contemporary affairs & cultural events
  • any creative or exploratory writing with philosophical or theological import. 
  • an interesting footnote you want to expand

 Meet The Team:

2020-2021 Noesis Editorial Team: Stay Tuned!

Past Seminars

12.03.20 – Joanna Tarassenko, 'An Afternoon with Bonhoeffer: Polyphony and Love in the Musical Imagination'
5.12.19 – Drs Simone Kotva and Giles Waller, 'An Afternoon with Van Gogh: Art, Theology, and Philosophy'
11.03.19 – Matthew Fell, ‘We Believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, The Giver of Life…and Language?’
Respondent: Joshua Heath
29.11.18 – Austin Stevenson, ‘Historiography, Metaphysics, and Historical Jesus Studies’
Respondent: Barnabas Aspray
26.04.18 – Ryan Haecker, ‘Analogy and dialectic in Plato’
Respondent: Sebastian Milbank
28.11.17 – Daniel Soars, ‘The beginnings of Indology in British India’ and Nadya Pohran, ‘Hindu-Christian dialogue in 20th Century North India: a case study of Sat Tal Christian Ashram’
14.11.16 – Silvianne Aspray, ‘The Metaphysical Ambiguity of the Reformation’
Respondent: Jon Mackenzie
05.06.16 – Pui Him Ip, ‘The Genesis of Divine Simplicity in Patristic Theology: Why this Historical Question matters for Contemporary Theology’
Respondent: Sebastian Milbank
22.02.16 – Hugh Burling, ‘Disagreement about God: Why does it Matter?’
Respondents: Saleh Zarepour and Tommaso Manzon
24.11.15 – Nathan Lyons, ‘Culture is Second Nature: Understanding Biological Evolution as Habit with Félix Ravisson’
Respondent: Simone Kotva
05.06.15 – Ragnar M. Bergem, ‘Remember History, Rethinking Thought: Approaches to Hegel in Modern Theology’
11.03.15 – Ed Stroud, ‘The Self and the Other: Reading John 17’
Respondent: Nathan Lyons
05.12.14 – Luke Steven, ‘Augustine in the Garden of Eden: How the Fall Narrative Governs the Conversion Narrative of the Confessions’
Respondent: David Torrance