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Noesis is the graduate journal of the University of Cambridge Faculty of Divinity, facilitating new conversations between philosophical theology, systematics, and the arts. In addition to editing an annual publication, the team runs a termly seminar that is open to the public.

Contributors to previous editions of Noesis can be found here.

Past Noesis seminars can be found here.

Noesis Seminar: Noesis events are advertised through faculty emails as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages.

The Noesis Review: Our annual journal showcases essays, prose, and verse of 500-2,000 words by graduate students (and perhaps some visual art). Though the journal focuses on the meeting place of theology, philosophy, and poetics, it is open to submissions in those broader subject areas. Submissions are considered throughout the year, and contributors may be connected to any faculty.

Final Deadline Proposals: 25 March 2022

Essays Due: 24 June 2022

Please send abstracts (150 words) to

Submissions might include:

  • an essay examining the interplay between theology, philosophy, and poetics, including literature, the visual arts, and music.
  • theological and philosophical commentary on recent publications 
  • responses to contemporary affairs & cultural events
  • any creative or exploratory writing with philosophical or theological import. 
  • an interesting footnote you want to expand

Meet The Team:

2021-2022 Noesis Editorial Team: Hannah Black, Thomas Graff, Jake Grefenstette