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Noesis is a forum for graduate students conducting research in the field of philosophical theology and systematics, and is open to all members of the University. We run a termly seminar and edit an annual journal. 

Noesis Seminar: Noesis accepts paper proposals (150 words) for presentations at its termly seminars: noesis

The Noesis Review: The annual journal showcases essays, prose, and verse of 500-2,000 words by Cambridge Divinity graduate students, associated individuals, and luminaries. The review has traditionally focused on theology, philosophy, and poetics, but now includes the full breadth of the Divinity Faculty graduates’ interests, regardless of discipline. Offerings are considered throughout the year (final deadline: 15 March), and contributors may be connected to any faculty.

Submissions might include:

  • an essay extracted from or outlining your current project
  • an interesting footnote you want to expand
  • commentary on recent publications (including novels)
  • translations of research material
  • reflections on recent projects & conferences
  • responses to contemporary affairs & cultural events
  • any creative or exploratory writing

Please send abstracts (150 words) to


Current students and supervisors can access the Faculty’s Moodle page by clicking on the image below.