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Faculty of Divinity

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Current Research Programmes and Projects

Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism

The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism (CCSP) is a major research centre for the interdisciplinary study of Platonism. The centre functions as a community of researchers concerned with the legacy of Platonism, and brings some of the great scholars of Platonism to Cambridge to lecture on their work. The Centre actively encourages graduate students and postdoctoral researchers working on the Platonic tradition in any period. 

Cambridge Interfaith Programme (CIP)

Founded in 2002, the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme aims to:

  • foster interdisciplinary research of historical and contemporary relations between Christian, Jewish and Muslim (and wider) communities and their traditions;
  • examine the role these religions have had and continue to have in society;
  • pursue public education projects and cultivate critical conversation between people of different faiths;
  • embed inter-faith learning and collaboration into the University of Cambridge and other institutions;
  • work respectfully with educational and religious communities, maintaining sensitivity to their ethical principles and diversity of perspectives; 
  • emphasise face-to-face discussion and cooperative research, including the study of each other’s scriptures. 

Systematicity and Method in Islamic Philosophical Theology (‘Ilm al-Kalām)

Past Research Projects


The faculty is host to a diverse portfolio of research projects in theology, religious studies, philosophy of religion and ethics, and related subjects. Below is a list of past research projects:

Interdisciplinary Research Clusters