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Faculty of Divinity

The Treasury, Diptych with New Testament Scenes: Coronation of the Virgin, Peter Roan (Flickr)

New Testament Studies in Cambridge

Page of John’s Gospel from Codex Bezae (4th-5th cent.) in Cambridge University Library

The New Testament has been studied in Cambridge for centuries, and the Faculty of Divinity is still at the cutting edge of research on the Jewish and Graeco-Roman context of the New Testament, the Gospels, the letters of Paul and other New Testament writers, as well as on apocryphal gospels and second century Christianity. There is a set of exciting and demanding undergraduate papers in New Testament, as well as a thriving postgraduate community. New Testament study in Cambridge has strong links with the Classics Faculty and the Faculty of Asian and Middle-Eastern Studies, as well as, within the Faculty, with the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, and Patristics sections.

See our New Testament specialists, who include teaching staff, researchers, affiliated lecturers, and postgraduate students.

Undergraduate New Testament study

Undergraduate students are able, if they wish, to focus on New Testament and related papers, and in the second and third years can do so exclusively. Students have the opportunity to study Greek and other ancient languages up to advanced level, as well as engaging with individual NT books and discussing the texts of particular ancient manuscripts.

Postgraduate New Testament study

There is a lively postgraduate community in Cambridge, both at the Masters (MPhil) and Doctoral (PhD) level. In addition to regular meetings with supervisors from the teaching staff referenced below, students will attend the Senior New Testament Seminar, a seminar whose history goes back a century, and at which distinguished New Testament scholars from Cambridge and elsewhere deliver papers.