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RESEARCH SEMINAR series 2022-23



The Religions of Late Antiquity Seminar (formerly the Patristics Seminar) meets in even weeks of term.The seminar gathers graduate students, scholars and visiting scholars in the University interested in religions of late antiquity (Christianity, Judaism, cults of the Greco-Roman and near eastern worlds) and their interactions. It shares a common interest with the Cambridge Late Antiquity Network Seminars (CLANS), which engage with the late antique and early medieval periods from a range of disciplines and interdisciplinary perspectives (including Classics, History, Theology and Religious Studies).  In Michaelmas 2022 and Lent 2023 it is convened by Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe ( 

We welcome you to the seminar series of Religions of Late Antiquity that takes place on Mondays at Divinity in the Lightfoot Room [1st floor] 2.00 -  3:30pm

Religions of Late Antiquity seminar series 2022-23

Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

Disappearing acts: women, children, the enslaved and other invisible subjects in late antique religions 


+October 17, 2-3.00. Reading group: texts available on request

+October 31, 2-3.00. Reading group: texts available on request

*November 14, 2-3.30. Seminar: Maria Doerfler, Yale: ‘Effaced subjects, invisible identities: children and parents in late antiquity’

+November 28, 2-3.30. Seminar: Lucy Grig, Edinburgh: ‘Seeking subaltern agency in the religious history of late antiquity’

+January 30, 2-3.30. Seminar: April Pudsey, Manchester Met: ‘Children’s religious lives in communities of late Roman Egypt’

*February 13, 2-3.30. Seminar: Christine Luckritz Marquiz, Union Presbyterian Seminary: ‘Imaginatively re-populating late antiquity’

*February 27, 2-3.30. Seminar: Chris de Wet, University of South Africa: ‘Retrieving enslaved subjects in early Christian literature: the case of John Chrysostom’

*March 13, 2-3.30. Seminar: Joseph Sanzo, Università di Ca’Foscari, Venice: ‘Making clients of late antique magicians visible’

+May 8, 2-3.30. Seminar: Dawn Lavalle Norman, Australian Catholic University: ‘Blushing philosophers: gender segregation and ventriloquism in the Dialogues of Plutarch and Methodius of Olympus’

+May 22, 2-3.30. Seminar: Tali Artman Partock, Leicester/Cambridge: ‘The sexual use of slaves in Jewish Palestine’


Sessions marked + are in person in the Lightfoot Room, Divinity Faculty, with attendance via zoom possible;

seminars marked * are on zoom only. Please email Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe for zoom login details and access to reading group materials