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“The Theological Imagination”


Judith Wolfe, Professor of Philosophical Theology

University of St Andrews



Monday 17 October - Believing in fictions


Wednesday 19 October - Playing at selfhood


Friday 21 October -  Imagining a world


Monday 24 October - Looking for God


Wednesday 26 October - The end of images



Runcie Room 5pm

(also streamed on Zoom:

All welcome

  • 2020, Professor Walter Moberly 'The God of Christian Scripture'
  • 2017-18, Professor Robinson - Full Programme
  • 2015-16, Lord Williams of Oystermouth, 'Christ and the Logic of Creation' - Audio Recordings Available
  • 2013-14, Professor Hays
  • 2011-12, Mr MacGregor
  • 2009-10, Professor McGrath
  • 2007-08, Professor H McLeod
  • 2005-06, Professor E Davis, 'That you may live long on the fertile land” (Deuteronomy 4:40): Old Testament Interpretation and Ecological Responsibility'
  • 2003-04, The Lord Bishop of Durham, Dr N T Wright, 'Paul: Fresh Perspectives'
  • 2001-02, Professor J de Gruchy, 'Reconciliation and Christian Tradition: a Contribution to Public Theology'
  • 1999-2000, Professor P Sheldrake, 'A Theology of Place and Human Identity'
  • 1997-98, Professor B Murdoch, 'The Fall and the Redemption through Literature in the Middle Ages and Beyond'
  • 1995-96, Dr N Sagovsky, 'Koinonia: Trinity, Church and Society'
  • 1993-94, Professor O O’Donovan
  • 1991-92, Dr S Coakley, 'Three-Personed God'
  • 1989-90 Professor J Barton, 'Aspects of the Formation of the Christian Bible'


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