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Graduate students

The graduate student body is an integral part of the Faculty, collaborating closely with their supervisors as they carry out important and original research.

Jose Belleza
  • PhD Student in Philosophy of Religion/Christian Theology
Rachel Dryden
  • Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford
Daniel K. Eng, D.Min.
  • Ph.D. Candidate
  • Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Divinity
  • Currently seeking a full-time teaching post in biblical studies/New Testament.
Luke A. Hase
  • PhD Candidate
  • New Testament Studies
Oliver Marjot
  • PhD student in New Testament
Joseph Powell
  • PhD Candidate
  • Rastafari Theology
Yasser Qureshy
  • PhD Candidate, Philosophical Theology
Austin Stevenson
PhD Candidate in Christian Theology
Samuel Stewart
  • MPhil Student in Philosophy of Religion