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Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme

The Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme offers a distinctive approach to furthering understanding across religious traditions (primarily focusing on Christianity, Islam and Judaism), and works to shape the academic discourse on inter-faith relations and the future of engagement between communities of faith.

We are dedicated to learning about, learning from, and learning between religions as they interact with the secular and religious contexts.

What does it mean to be religious in the 21st century? How should people from different religious traditions engage with one another, and with the wider religious and secular world? How should the importance of those traditions, and their power for good and ill, be acknowledged intelligently within secular institutions? What can we learn from history about how religions have interacted and shaped one another, and together shaped the public sphere? What are the resources within different religions for promoting peace and contributing to human flourishing? 

In an increasingly divided and fractious world, it is important to study and explore these questions, and share research with the wider public. Though our ethos fosters understanding and dialogue, we acknowledge the value and importance of learning to ‘disagree well’ – points of difference are not an inevitable source of antagonism and division.

Visit our website for more information about our research, news and events.