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Faculty of Divinity


The Tyrwhitt Lecture

The Tyrwhitt lecture is an annual named lecture in Old Testament studies. Robert Tyrwhitt (1735–1817) was sometime fellow at Jesus College and, after resigning his fellowship, a prominent Unitarian. He left £4,000 to the university to support the study of Hebrew.



  • 2023-24 Jeremy Hutton
  • 2022-23 Yvonne Sherwood, Figures of the Bible and the Book in Colonial Contexts
  • 2021-22 Hugh Williamson, Righteousness in the Book of Isaiah 
  • 2019–20 Loren Stuckenbruck, Recent Developments in Text-Critical Work on the Ge'ez Book of Enoch 
  • 2017–18 John Barton, Theology of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: Jewish and ChristianApproaches
  • 2016–17 Carol Newsom, Sin Consciousness, Self-Alienation, and the Origins of the Introspective Self 
  • 2015-16 Konrad Schmid, How Can the Book of Jeremiah be Dated? Combining and Modifying Linguistic- and Profile-Based Approach
  • 2014–15 Reinhard Kratz, The Old Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • 2013–14 Martti Nissinen, How Mesopotamian love literature helps to understand the Song of Songs
  • 2012–13 Ellen van Wolde, The God Ezekiel envisions
  • 2011–12 Mervyn E.J. Richardson, The Influence of Lexicographers on our Understanding of Biblia Hebraica
  • 2010–11 David Carr, Orientation points in the formation of the Old Testament
  • 2009–10 Robert Hayward, Food, the animals, and human dignity in Jewish perspective: the evidence of the Aramaic Targum
  • 2008–09 George Brooke, The apocalyptic community, the matrix of the teacher, and rewriting scripture
  • 2007–08 Ed Noort, Death and justice: shifting paradigms in the Hebrew Bible and early Judaism
  • 2006–07 Bernd Janowski, The God of Israel and the dead: a historical survey of religion and theology
  • 2005–06 Zipora Talshir, Synchronic and diachronic approaches in the study of the Hebrew Bible
  • 2004–05 Andre Lemaire, Hebrew and Aramaic Inscriptions and the Old Testament
  • 2003–04 Kevin Cathcart, Loanwords in Biblical Hebrew and the dating of Biblical texts






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