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Faculty of Divinity


How to apply to be a visiting student

If you wish to be a visiting student at the Faculty of Divinity for less than one year, you need to apply in the following way at least six months in advance of your planned period of study in Cambridge.

Application Requirements:

  1. Contact one of the Faculty’s lecturers and check to if they can act as your mentor for your proposed visit dates. Your application must have the support of a member of academic staff willing to mentor you, as they need to justify the case for your admission. Information about our lecturers can be found in the ‘People’ section.
  2. Once you have secured the support of a 'mentorSend your CV, your proposed activities at Cambridge, explain why Cambridge is the best place to do this and two references to the .

Things to Note:

  • The Faculty charge a 'Bench Fee' of £1,500 per term.  This will provide you with a University card, entitle you to have access to library facilities, all seminars, lectures at undergraduate and postgraduate level; and you will receive a maximum of 2 supervisions/contact hours per term.
  • Your application will be considered by the Degree Committee and you will be informed after they have met, the outcome of your application.
  • Students need to produce a report at the end of their stay which the Degree Committee will review.