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Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism

The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism is primarily a forum for research on the Platonic Tradition, especially Neoplatonism, its sources, significance and legacy. Neoplatonism is the shape that Platonism took in Late Antiquity, especially through Plotinus and Proclus, and influenced decisively the philosophies of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim worlds. ‘Neoplatonism’ is thus a term that denotes not so much one school of philosophy, but rather an intellectual paradigm, and a way of life, disseminating its influence in myriad forms of thought and culture.

Committed to both the significance of this tradition and its continuing relevance, the centre hosts a weekly seminar on a key Neoplatonic text and supports symposia and research projects in the field. 

Prof. Douglas Hedley

Academic Secretary:
Daniel J. Tolan

Steering Committee:

Prof. Garth Fowden 

Prof. Catherine Pickstock

Dr. Tony Street

Dr. Daniel Weiss 


Prof. Olivier Boulnois (Ecole pratique des hautes études, Paris)

Prof. Kevin Corrigan (Emory University)

Prof. Stephen Gersh (University of Notre Dame)

Prof. Philippe Hoffmann (Ecole pratique des hautes études, Paris)

Prof. Sarah Hutton (University of York)

Prof. Paul Kalligas (University of Athens)

Dr. David Leech (University of Bristol)

Prof. Jean-Marc Narbonne (University of Laval)

Prof. Anca Vasiliu (Paris IV Sorbonne)


Dr. James Bryson

Dr. Dragos Calma

Dr. Barrie Fleet

Dr. Christian Hengstermann (University of Münster)

Dr. Isidoros (Charalampos) Katsos (Dr. Jur.)

Dr. Evan King (University of King's College, Halifax)

Dr. Adrian Mihai

Prof. Harold Tarrant (University of Newcastle, AU)

Research Associates:

Bogdan Deznan (University of Bucharest)

Affiliated Institutions:

Early Modern Conversions - McGill University

Foro di Studi Avansati - Rome


Prof. Douglas Hedley, Gods and Giants: Cudworth’s platonic metaphysics and his ancient theology, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Routledge, 2017. (Link to full article)

Prof. Douglas Hedley, The Iconic Imagination, London, Bloomsbury, 2016.

Dr. Christian Hengstermann, Origenes und der Ursprung der FreiheitsmetaphysikMünster, Aschendorff Verlag, 2017.

Dr. Barrie Fleet, Plotinus Ennead IV.7: On the Immortality of the Soul; Translation, with an Introduction, and Commentary, Las Vegas, Parmenides Press, 2016.

Prof. Harold Tarrant, Proclus: Commentary on Plato's Timaeus, vol. 6, Book 5, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2017.

Dr. Dragos Calma, Neoplatonism in the Middle Ages New Commentaries on 'Liber de Causis' and 'Elementatio Theologica', Turnhout, Brepols, 2016.

Dr. Dragos Calma, Forthcoming, Regards sur les traditions philosophiques, Leuven University Press.

Research Projects:

Cambridge Platonism at the Origins of the Enlightenment

Upcoming Events:

Colloquium Adamantianum - Divine and Human Freedom, The Philosophical Significance of the Church Father Origen - 23 October 10:00-18:00 - Cambridge Divinity Faculty, Room 6 - Programme

Inaugural Werner Beierwaltes Lecture - Prof. John Dillon, Platonic Orthodoxy - 30 November 2017; Time: TBA

Werner Beierwaltes Lecture - Prof. Lloyd Gerson, TBA - 19 February 2018; Time: TBA

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Previous Events:

Dr. Anna CorriasMarsilio Ficino and the Metaphysics Beyond Reason of Plotinus' Enneads - 13 March 2017

Prof. Michael AllenTransfiguration and the Platonic Fire Within - 1 December 2016

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