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Why study it at Cambridge?

"I chose to study Theology at Cambridge because of the breadth of study offered by the degree, the friendly atmosphere around the faculty and the diversity of people studying together."

Dominic, third year

Broad degree programme

Our undergraduate degree allows you the freedom to sample the full range of teaching across the Theology, Religion, and Philosophy* programme or to choose papers (modules) which focus on particular elements of our teaching. Such tracks could include Philosophy and Ethics, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Religious Traditions of India, Biblical Studies, History of Christianity or Christian Doctrine. From the outset this course prioritises choice in terms of subject areas and world religions and it is maintained throughout all three years. For more information about the options, see our page on 'What can I study?'.

World class teaching

Our students consistently praise our teaching. In the 2015 National Student Survey, 93 per cent said that overall, they were satisfied with the quality of the course; 95 per cent agreed that the staff are good at explaining things, and 98 per cent felt that the course is intellectually stimulating. 

In addition to the modules you choose, you’ll also take our four-week Undergraduate Study Skills course to give you the best start to your degree.


The supervision system is highly valued by our students. A supervision is a small-group teaching session. These are usually one hour in length with one to three students and a member teaching staff who is a specialist in the subject. They will come from across the colleges depending on which area of the course you are studying. That is why it doesn’t matter which college you go to – you’ll receive an excellent education wherever you are based.

This dedicated time with an expert will develop your ideas, critical thinking, and writing skills. It is a great opportunity to explore the course material to a much greater depth than lectures allow. Different supervisors may structure supervisions in different ways and they are often tailored for the individual students concerned. By studying at Cambridge you’ll not only spend more time with teaching staff that at some other universities but it will be relevant to your needs to help you excel.

You will usually be asked to prepare in some way for supervisions, by either submitting work beforehand or preparing other work to present. This work and the supervision are not formally assessed (they do not count towards the degree) and you are encouraged to use the time to explore new approaches to learning and topics outside of the lectures. You’ll receive regular reports from your supervisors and this feedback will ensure that you know where you’re making progress and what you need to do to improve.

Faculty community

The international teaching staff include specialists in a variety of faith traditions and in the study of religion and religious practice. These world-class academics, along with students and researchers, comprise a supportive and enriching Faculty community. On weekdays we provide coffee for the whole Faculty to give you the opportunity to learn from peers and scholars in a relaxed setting.

Exceptional resources

The award-winning Faculty building has lecture and seminar rooms and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual facilities. As a student here you will benefit from exceptional resources including access to Faculty, College and University libraries. These contain specialist texts and manuscripts including the Codex Bezae, an important early version of the Gospel, and the Genizah collection, a globally significant source for medieval Judaism. 

More information is available on our library web pages.


*The new title will apply to all students applying in 2016 and starting the course on or after 1 October 2017. Candidates starting the course prior to that date will continue to take papers under the title of Theological and Religious Studies.