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Faculty of Divinity

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On this page are links to documents and other web pages to do with accounts in the Faculty. 

General expenses 

When applying for a reimbursement of expenditure associated with University business, please complete the appropriate claim form below. 

The claims should be sent exclusively by email to and contain two files only: the completed form (pdf or xls) and receipts (pdf). All receipts need to be scanned and saved as one file in the pdf format; in the order they are listed on the claim. The amounts on receipts and the claim need to match each other, and any differences should be explained.  

In case of many receipts (e.g. meal for several days, purchasing several books), please provide their breakdown in a separate spreadsheet and enter the total amount on the form. Attach the spreadsheet with the breakdown to the email with your claim. 

Please do not send any hard copy claims nor receipts. 

Please fill in all required fields on the form, especially your full name with title and middle names/initials, address, email address. 

NON-employees only: For new/not regular payees, please attach your redacted bank statement to the claim email and provide your phone number. These well be used to verify your bank details. 


Usual claims will be for travel and subsistence. 

Air travel 

If you are claiming air travel which you booked yourself, please supply either a boarding pass or baggage tag with your claim. 

Payments in sterling or foreign currencies

Reimbursements will be paid in sterling by bank transfer, unless another currency is specified. The claimed amount must be expressed in one currency only. 
Foreign currencies can be paid into a personal bank account, but please supply your bank details. 
Details to include: Bank Name, Bank Address, Account Holders details and IBAN no. /SWIFT code 

Research Seminar expenses 

To process claims for Research Seminar expenses we need the appropriate reference (see below) 

  • Old Testament Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFSB.EZZZ 

  • New Testament Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFSA.EZZZ 

  • Christian Theology Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFSE.EZZZ 

  • History of Christianity Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFNF.EZZZ 

  • The D Society: word, pdf - ref. GFNE.EZZZ 

  • Religious Studies Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFSC.EZZZ 

  • Hebrew, Jewish, Early Christian Studies Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFSF.EZZZ 

  • Patristic Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFSD.EZZZ 

  • World Christianities Seminar: word, pdf - ref. GFSG.EZZZ 

    Visiting Scholars / Students

    Initial applications are made via the Faculty Administrator - please see Academic Visitors' webpage.

    There is a termly charge for all visiting scholars/students to the Faculty of Divinity and the Cambridge Interfaith Programme (CIP)

    On arrival, please contact the Faculty Administrator.

    Please fill in the paper form, linked below.


    Payment for your visit is easy.  You can pay by credit/debit card following the appropriate links below:

    Visitors' online payment and forms

    If your University is paying the bench fees, we can raise an invoice for your university or they can pay via the University Online Store.

    During your stay you will have complete access to the Faculty. Please use this welcome document giving you information on everything available to you during your stay.

    We hope you enjoy your visit and find it valuable for your research and studies. 

    Accommodation requirements

    If you are coming to Cambridge on official business and need accommodation, please complete this form.


    Current students and supervisors can access the Faculty’s Moodle page by clicking on the image below.