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Faculty of Divinity

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The Hebrew and Greek Bible in Cambridge

This area incorporates the study of the Hebrew Bible, Hebrew language, text and versions, as well as of ancient Judaism of the Greek and Roman periods.

Strengths in Cambridge include the study of Wisdom literature, biblical theology and reception history (Dr Dell), the Pentateuch, Prophets and priesthood (Dr MacDonald), and the Septuagint, lexicography and Second Temple Judaism (Dr Aitken). We currently have two research fellows in the field as well: Dr Paul Kurtz and Dr Marieke Dhont.

See the full list of our Old Testament specialists, including teaching staff, researchers, affiliated lecturers, and postgraduate students.

In Cambridge there is a very wide pool of Hebrew specialists, forming one of the largest units of specialists in Hebrew studies in the country. We work closely with colleagues in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and with those in The Cairo Genizah Unit. See the Cambridge Forum for Jewish Studies.

News and Activities

We hold regular research seminars and a series of special lectures throughout the year. To receive news and updates on the seminars and special lectures in Biblical and Jewish Studies, join our mailing list.

Special one-day seminars have included "The Septuagint within the history of Greek" (April 2018) and "Hebrew Semantics" (May 2018). In 2019 plans are underway for another "Hebrew Semantics Day" and a study of Jewish-Greek texts.

Other recent activities include:

Postgraduate Studies

We welcome enquiries from those interested in studying for further research with us. To assist you in preparing such an application, we offer advice on selecting and approaching a PhD potential supervisor.

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