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Faculty of Divinity


Hebrew, Jewish and Early Christian Studies Research Seminar

This seminar meets on Mondays at 2.30pm. The convenors are Professor Nicholas de Lange, Professor William Horbury, and Professor James Carleton Paget

Papers at the seminar range over Hebrew and Jewish studies, on topics from the Greek and Roman periods onwards, and Roman-period Christianity in its Jewish setting. 

Foci of interest from time to time have included:

  • Philo and Josephus; 
  • Jewish inscriptions and papyri;
  • Rabbinic texts; 
  • Jewish biblical interpretation; 
  • Greek-speaking Judaism from ancient to modern times;
  • Hebrew, Greek and Latin as Jewish languages; 
  • Jewish aspects of New Testament and patristic writings;
  • Jews and Christians in the Roman empire; 
  • Roman Judaea; 
  • Mediaeval Jewish-Christian relations; Hebrew in the church;
  • Jewish and Christian prayer and hymnody;
  • The history of the synagogue; 
  • Early modern reaction to Jewish mysticism, and 
  • Byzantine Hebrew literature.