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Faculty of Divinity


Spines of donated books / Buddhist booksHow to donate books

If you would like to donate a single book, please contact us in advance of sending it, or coming to the Divinity Library. Please give us the bibliographic details.

If you have more than a single book, you would like to donate, we would like to alert you to the fact that we normally are not able to take donations in bulk; this is due to space restrictions. If you do, however, want to approach us, please give us:

  • a ballpark figure of the number of books you have, and
  • a rough idea of what kind of books you would like to donate ("primarily books from the C19", "books on Philosophy of Religion", etc.).

Please contact us as soon as you can, as we might not be able to accept the donation, but we might be able to point you to another library which might be able to do so.

We are sorry that we cannot accept all books offered to us, and that we won't be able to acknowledge the receipt of unsolicited and unwanted books received by post.