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Faculty of Divinity


Courses for Ministry

From its earliest beginnings, the University of Cambridge has provided a context for formation and training in Christian ministry. Today, working in partnership with the theological colleges and institutes of the Cambridge Theological Federation, the Faculty of Divinity provides a Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh) degree and a Diploma in Theology for Ministry.


Admission to these vocational awards is at the discretion of the BTh Management Committee, which reviews all applications on behalf of the Faculty Board.

In the first instance, all enquiries and applications should be made to one of the following training institutions:

Course Descriptions

Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh)

The Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh) is a two year vocational degree.

The course is divided into the First Examination and Second Examination years. Entry to the First Examination year is possible for those candidates who have who have a good first degree of at least a 2:1 or equivalent. The regulations require that candidates must complete a pastoral portfolio - a written piece reflecting on their ministry placement - to the satisfaction of the examiners in order to proceed to the degree.

The requirement of constant, intentional integration of pastoral activity (taking the form of a compulsory ministry placement), self-awareness and academic study makes it an intense experience and a good preparation for public ministry.

As well as attendance at lectures and seminars, the BTh offers a particular emphasis on small-group teaching and regular supervision.

Diploma in Theology for Ministry (DTM)

  • The Diploma in Theology for Ministry (DTM) is a graduate entry programme designed primarily for candidates preparing for authorised Christian ministry or service. The DTM may be studied full-time in a single year or part-time over two years. Candidates are required to take five papers (or their equivalent).
  • The regulations require the following compulsory elements: BTh51 Pastoral Portfolio, a 3,000 word reflective report on a practical ministry placement organised as part of the Diploma, as well as a dissertation of 8,000 - 10,000 words. 

Paper Descriptions

Below is a list of papers offered for the BTh and DTM. Please note that not all papers are offered every year.

  • BTh01 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
  • BTh02 Elementary Hebrew
  • BTh03 Introduction to New Testament Greek
  • BTh04 New Testament Greek
  • BTh11 Reading the Christian Bible
  • BTh12 Christian Doctrine: The Question of God
  • BTh13 Belief and Practice in the Early Church
  • BTh14 Reform and Renewal in Christian History
  • BTh15 Themes in World Christianities
  • BTh16 Social Sciences and Religion
  • BTh21 Intermediate Hebrew
  • BTh22 Intermediate New Testament Greek
  • BTh23 Old Testament Studies
  • BTh24 New Testament Studies
  • BTh25 Old Testament Exegesis
  • BTh26 New Testament Exegesis
  • BTh27 Biblical Themes in Christian Doctrine
  • BTh28 The Study of Christian Mission
  • BTh29 The Gospel and Western Culture
  • BTh30 Philosophy of Religion
  • BTh31 Church and Sacraments
  • BTh32 Patterns of Christian Worship
  • BTh33 Subjects Specified by the Faculty Board
  • BTh34 Special Study in Theology for Ministry
  • BTh41 Further Studies in Christian Doctrine
  • BTh42 Christianity and Society in Africa and its Diaspora 1800-2000
  • BTh43 Judaism, Christianity and Islam in Encounter
  • BTh44 Christian Ethics
  • BTh45 Advanced Subjects specified by the Faculty Board: Political Theology
  • BTh46 Further Advanced Subjects: Advanced Ethics
  • BTh47 Special Study for Ministry
  • BTh51 Pastoral Portfolio A
  • BTh51 Pastoral Portfolio B

Further information about these papers is available here.

Supplementary Regulations are available here.