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I'm a physician undergoing a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies. I'm interested in the intersection of the Biblical Text, Linguistics, and Medicine. Hence, I'm researching the Medical Language of the Greek Pentateuch. 

I graduated as a physician in 2017 in Mexico. Then, I studied for a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and a Master of Divinity at the Reformed Theological Seminary in North Carolina. My interest in scholarship—specifically Biblical studies—grew there until I presented a paper at the International Organization of Septuagint and Cognate Studies in 2022 in Zürich, Switzerland. Upon finishing my studies in the US, I was accepted for a PhD at the University of Cambridge.

I enjoy reading broadly, having good conversations with friends, going to church, and spending time with my family.




Medical Language in the Bible, Septuagint, Greek Language, Hebrew Language, Lexicology and Lexicography, Papyrology and Codicology, Old Testament, History of Medicine

Other Professional Activities

Selected Research: 

In and Out: φάρμακος and χολέρα as Jewish Identity Markers in the Greek Pentateuch. Conference Paper programmed for the ‘The Greek Bible Between Judaism and Christianity’ Research Unit at the European Association for Biblical Studies (EABS) Annual Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. 2024.

Medical Geography: Airs, Quails, Snakes, and Wilderness in LXX Numbers. Conference Paper delivered at the 2024 Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Global Virtual Meeting for the Septuagint Geography Panel.

Blurred Lines and Common Tensions: Magic, Medicine, and Ritual as Cultural Markers in the Greek Pentateuch. Conference Paper delivered at the 2024 European Association for Biblical Studies (EABS) Graduate Symposium at the University of Graz, Austria. 2024

Deity, Doctors, and Divination in the Greek Pentateuch: Lexicography and Semantics. Conference Paper for the ‘Medicine, Sciences, and Knowledge in the Biblical and Talmudic Traditions’ Research Unit, delivered at the European Association for Biblical Studies (EABS) Annual Conference at Syracuse, Italy. 2023.

Foul Medicine and Female Flow-Laws: An ANE Approach to Leviticus 15:19–30. Conference Paper for the Evangelical Theological Society Eastern Regional Conference at the Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C. 2023.

The Gileadite Password in Greek Judges: Text and Semantics. Conference Paper delivered at the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS) Conference in Zürich, Switzerland. 2022                                                       

Capítulo 8. Epidemiología del Estreñimiento Funcional (Functional Constipation Epidemiology)

De Icaza ME, Palomo BE, Paredes JA, Segura A. Epidemiología del Estreñimiento, en, Remes JM, Síntomas Gastrointestinales en México, Un Estudio Epidemiológico. SIGAME. México: ASECOM; 2015, pags. 113-140.


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