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I am a PhD candidate in Divinity (New Testament) at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and a recipient of the Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholarship. I also hold an MA in Linguistics from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

My research seeks to investigate the links and motivations between theodicy, anthropology, and ethics in the Letter of James. I do this by situating the letter within the broader intellectual context of the ancient Mediterranean, particularly with regard to Jewish and pagan writers who engage Middle Platonism.

I characterise my work as intellectual reception history, with a particular concern for thinking about how Greek philosophy shaped early Christian religious self-understanding and self-presentation. I also have research interests in corpus linguistic approaches to lexicography for Koine Greek.


  • Catholic Epistles
  • Early Christianity
  • Greco-Roman Contexts for the New Testament
  • Reception History
  • Linguistics


Key publications: 

“The Book of Job and Greco-Roman Book Culture in Early Christianity.” In James E. Harding (ed.), Job. Themes and Issues in Biblical Studies. Sheffield: Equinox (under contract).

“An Earlier terminus ante quem for the Epistle of James?: The Influence of James on Clement of Alexandria’s Transmission of 1 Clement 17.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly (forthcoming).

“The Death of James the Just Revisited.” Journal of Early Christian Studies 32.1 (forthcoming Spring 2024).

“Jewish and Christian ‘Signature Features’ in the Testament of Job.” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 33.1 (2023): 51–74. doi:10.1177/09518207221137064 [Open Access]

“Job’s Endurance (Jas 5:11b): Greco-Roman Virtue in the Letter of James.” Novum Testamentum 64.4 (2022): 469–488. doi:10.1163/15685365-bja10027 [Open Access]

“How can we investigate Ancient Greek categories without the influence of our own? Exploring kinship terminology using Word2Vec.” International Journal of Lexicography 35.2 (2022): 137–152. doi:10.1093/ijl/ecab023 [Open Access]

“Δίψυχος: Moving Beyond Intertextuality.” New Testament Studies 67.1 (2021): 85–104. doi:10.1017/S0028688519000444

Teaching and Supervisions


Delivered two lectures for C1b – Advanced New Testament Greek (Lent Term 2023)


C1b – Advanced New Testament Greek

A1b – Elementary New Testament Greek

Select Presentations:

“The Father and the Lights in James 1:17: A Middle Platonic Reading.” Paper delivered at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, 20th November 2023.

“Justin Martyr’s Problem with Platonism: Heresy and Anthropology in Dialogue 4 and the Syntagma.” Paper delivered at the New Testament Graduate Research Seminar, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge, 30th November 2022.

“An earlier terminus ante quem for the Epistle of James?: The influence of James on the Stromata’s transmission of 1 Clement 17.” Paper delivered at the Society of Biblical Literature International meeting, Catholic Epistles section, Salzburg, Austria, 18th July 2022.

“Is the Intermarriage Prohibition a Jewish ‘Signature Feature’ of the Testament of Job?” Paper delivered at the Society of Biblical Literature International meeting, Pseudepigrapha section, Salzburg, Austria, 18th July 2022.

“Natural Language Processing for Koine Greek lexicography: Exploring lexical categorisation using Word2Vec.” Paper delivered at the 2021 Language and Society Conference of the New Zealand Linguistics Society, University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ, 12th February 2021.

“‘You have heard of the endurance of Job...’ (Jas 5.11b): Greco-Roman Virtue in the Epistle of James.” Paper delivered at the Theology Departmental Seminar at the University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ, 20th March 2020.

PhD Student in New Testament
Harding Scholar

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