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My PhD research will look at the hotly-contested topic of the Islamic lunar calendar.

As it stands, there is no consensus amongst the UK's Muslims about how the Islamic calendar should be properly constructed. This has led to fiery debates across generations, with incidents including Imams being sacked, physical fights in mosques, and frequent cases of family members refusing to celebrate religious festivals together on the same date. 

My research asks: Why do Muslims differ so strongly in their approach to the Islamic calendar? Why are these differences so deeply felt? And what can this tell us about the lived experience of Muslims in the UK? This research takes a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from theology, Islamic law, astronomy, migration studies, and anthropology.

I hope that his research can be of practical use of Muslims, and perhaps even support the Muslim community in the UK in coming to a resolution on how best to construct their calendar(s).

Prior to commencing my PhD, I completed an MPhil Islamic Studies and History; and a BA History & English, both from the University of Oxford. I also am a qualified Secondary School teacher, and have worked in various jobs in the education sector.

Some of my research interests include: The Islamic calendar & calendars more broadly; Muslim uses of astronomy; Education, pedagogy, literacy and religious education; History of science & religion; The Royal Observatory Greenwich and colonial time/temporalities; Anthropology & anthropology of religion; The Quran (especially literary aspects); and Islamic spirituality.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to connect, I'd love to hear from you.

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