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I am a PhD candidate in Divinity (New Testament) at Jesus College and Affiliated Lecturer in Greek at the Faculty of Divinity. I received a BA in Humanities and an MA in Biblical Languages and Literature from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.

My PhD thesis, supervised by Simon Gathercole, explores cosmology in The Letter to the Hebrews. Instead of pitting the vertical (spatial) and horizontal (temporal) dimensions of Hebrews' cosmology against each other, I am investigating the progress of cosmic space through time. My aim is to provide a robust and nuanced account of Hebrews' cosmological worldview in conversation with other ancient cosmologies to better locate Hebrews within its ancient idealogical marketplace.

In addition to historical-critical research, I am also interested in the challenges and opportunities of bringing theology and biblical studies into conversation. My theological interests often revolve around theophany, theology proper, and epistemology.


• The Letter to the Hebrews

• Cosmology

• Theologies of space, time, and matter

• Divine Embodiment


Other publications: 

Review of Hebrews’ Cosmogonic Presuppositions: Its First-Century Philosophical Context by Benjamin Rojas Yauri. Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies (Jan 2023).

Review of Hebrews: An Earth Bible Commentary: A City That Cannot Be Shaken by Jeffrey S. Lamp. Review of Biblical Literature (Sept 2023).

Review of Intercession of Jesus in Hebrews: The Background and Nature of Jesus’ Heavenly Intercession in the Epistle to the Hebrews by Abeneazer G. Urga. Journal of Theological Studies (March 2024).

"Sessio ad Sinistram: God the Father's Spatial Manifestation in Heaven." Journal of Biblical Theology and Worldview (forthcoming).

"'For a Little While Lower than the Angels' (Ps 8,6): Humanity's Temporary Inferiority in Hebrews 2:7." Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft (forthcoming).

Teaching and Supervisions


Affiliated Lecturer, Elementary New Testament Greek — Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University (2022–present)
          ●    Nominated for Student-Led Teaching Award (2022–23)

Teacher, Introductory Greek – VTBS Programme, Westminster College, Cambridge (2022)

GA Lecturer, Fundamentals of Speech — School of Fine Arts and Communication, Bob Jones University (2018–20)
          ●    Awarded the Graduate Assistant Excellence in Teaching Award (2018–19)

Other Professional Activities

Presented "Types and Atonement in Hebrews" at the Jewish Scriptures in Earliest Christianity Seminar, The Queen's Foundation, Birmingham (2024)

Presented "The Parable of the Tent: Ritual Typology in Hebrews 9:8–9" at New Testament Postgraduate Seminar, Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge (2024)

Presented 'Matter, Earth, and Eschaton in Hebrews' at Oxbridge Biblical Studies Conference, Oriel College, Oxford (2023); Evangelical Theological Society, San Antonio, TX (2023); and Society of Biblical Literature, San Antonio, TX (2023)

Presented 'God Lowered Man: Psalm 8 and the Fall of Humanity in the Ancient World and Hebrews' at New Testament Postgraduate Seminar, Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge (2022)

Presented ‘Uncertainty in Biblical Studies,’ commissioned lecture for HE+ Programme (2022)

Presented ‘Sessio ad Sinistram: The Father’s Spatial Manifestation in Heaven’ at Spring 2021 Theological Research Symposium, Bob Jones Seminary, Greenville, SC


Contact Details

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