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I am a part time PhD Candidate working under the supervision of Dr Andrew Davison. My doctoral thesis is titled “Wisdom Within, Wisdom Without: An Augustinian Philosophy of Evolution, Emergence, and the Creation of the Soul." 

Modern Catholics have looked back to Augustine for a doctrine of creation and providence that can furnish a theological affirmation of Darwinian evolution. But this only extends to the evolution of the human body and not the soul with its intellectual and spiritual capacities. Yet as evolutionary anthropology and zoology advance, this position becomes increasingly untenable and uninspiring. My thesis demonstrates that we can develop a comprehensive account of human evolution, which is both orthodox and generative, by drawing upon conceptual resources within Augustine’s work (principally De Genesi ad Literram and De Musica). The project situates Augustine’s theology in dialogue with insights from cultural evolution, ecological psychology, and the extended evolutionary synthesis.

I have a MA with distinction in Systematic and Philosophical Theology from the University of Nottingham (2018). During my MA I worked under Aaron Riches, Conor Cunningham and Simeon Zahl on projects that considered questions such as: the constituting relation between Christology and Christian metaphysics; how Pneumatology might inform theological reflections upon language; and the relevance of Thomas Aquinas for the current debate concerning the evolutionary origins of language. My doctorate work will build upon these projects and I intend to revise and publish some of them in the next year.

I also have a MA with distinction in Post-Colonial Studies from the University of Kent (2009). My undergraduate studies were in History and English and American Literature.

I am undertaking my PhD part time. For the rest of my working life I am the course director of a church internship program that serves a network of churches across Europe.


Augustine of Hippo
Thomas Aquinas
The doctrine of creation and evolutionary theory
Philosophy of language
Christian formation
The history and beliefs of Charismatic Christianity


Other publications: 

Book Reviews:

“Signs in the Dust: A Theory of Natural Culture and Cultural Nature”,
Scottish Journal of Theology vol.73 no.4 (2020)

"Agents and Goal in Evolution", Theology, Philosophy, and the Sciences vol.7 no.2 (2020)

 “Essence in the Age of Evolution: A New Theory of Natural Kinds”,
Theology and Science (2020) [forthcoming]

 “The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul: Learning and the evolution of consciousness”, Theology and Science (2020) [forthcoming]

Teaching and Supervisions


I supervise Cambridge TRIPOS students taking A5 'The Question of God,' 2021-present.

I am also an affiliated lecturer with Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and Regent College, Malvern. At Ridley Hall, I have taught Introduction to Christian Doctrine and History (2022-3) and Topics in Christian Theology (2020) on the Common Awards BA in Theology, Ministry, and Mission, validated by the University of Durham.

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