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I studied engineering (Sun Yat-sen University, China) for my undergraduate studies and finance (The University of Sydney, Australia) for a master’s degree. I taught English and Economics in secondary schools and educational companies in China before I went on studying theology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). I received an MA (2014, CUHK) and an MDiv (2018, CUHK) and became a lecturer in the Old Testament and Theological English in Fujian Theological Seminary (2018-19, China). During the course of my MDiv studies, I spent a year in US as an exchange student in Yale Divinity School (2015-16). Later on, I finished an MPhil in the Old Testament (2020, University of Cambridge) and now I am a PhD student in the Faculty of Divinity. I am also the Lewis and Gibson scholar of Westminster College (Cambridge, UK).


Wisdom literature and Psalms
Women and children in the Hebrew Bible
Metaphor and literary theories in biblical studies
Chinese/Asian contextual reading of the Hebrew Bible

 Yanjing  Qu

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