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Clinton Collister moved to Cambridge from St Andrews, where his previous work focused on the relationship between theology and long narrative poetry in the criticism and verse of C. S. Lewis.

Clinton’s research occurs at the intersection of theology and literature, exploring the response of twentieth-century poets to the unstable identity of the modern self under the pressures of secularism. The poems of T.S. Eliot, John Heath-Stubbs, and Geoffrey Hill are crucial in this regard, drawing on history and mythology to answer questions of origins and ends. Their theologically inflected works call for consideration of the relationship between theological aesthetics and Christian identity in a secular age.  

He also edits books of poetry for Little Gidding Press, and is currently editing a selection of the theology of Charles Grafton for Nashotah House Press.


Theology and Literature

Theological Aesthetics 

Philosophical Theology

T.S. Eliot

John Heath-Stubbs

Charles Taylor

E.L. Mascall


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