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Faculty of Divinity



Steven Toussaint was born and raised in Chicago. After graduating from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop he moved to New Zealand in 2011, where he spent the better part of the past decade. His doctoral work centres on the concept of 'making' and the ways that metaphysical discourses of creation and poetic discourses of craft are mutually constitutive. Steven is also a poet; his books include The Bellfounder and Lay Studies, which was shortlisted for the Mary and Peter Biggs Poetry Prize at the 2020 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards. Recent non-academic writing can be found in POETRY, The Spinoff, The New Zealand Listener, Commonweal, Image, Literary Hub, and Wild Court.




  • 'Making' (poiēsis) and 'craft' (technē) as theological categories 
  • Christian Platonism
  • Nicholas of Cusa
  • Modern and contemporary poetry and poet-criticism
  • The metaphysics of creation
  • Trinitarian theology



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