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Songzan Xu (徐頌贊) is working towards his Ph.D. in the Faculty of Divinity. Before joining Cambridge, he obtained his BA in Chinese Literature and MA in Religious Studies. He is studying the interactions between Watchman Nee's theology/church movement and American Evangelical/Charismatic movements in Los Angeles, and exploring the way World Christianity is conceptualized through the multidirectional missionary flows. 


Research Interests: 

Global Chinese Christianity and Diasporic Spirituality in America, Europe, and Africa

Multidirectional Flows, Reverse Mission, and Knowledge Exchange of World Christianities

East Asian Contextual Theology in Shanghai, Jiangnan Area, Taiwan, and Hongkong

New Confucianism, Chinese Intellectual History and Politics


Key publications: 



1. From Other to Self: Indigenous Practice and Intercultural Dialogues of Sino-Christianity (in Chinese), Taipei: Chinese Christian Literature Council (Taiwan) & Taoyuan: Chung Yuan Christian University, 2021.

2. Songs of China’s Galilee: Canaan Hymns and Contemporary Chinese House Churches (in Chinese), Taipei: Chinese Christian Literature Council (Taiwan) & Taoyuan: Chung Yuan Christian University, 2020. 

Journal Papers
1. 'Hymns and the Singing Community: The Formation of the Canaan Hymns in Contemporary Chinese Churches' (with Xiaoli Yang), Review of Religion and Chinese Society 9 (2022): 151-169.
2. 'The Community Identity and Symbolic Construction of Intellectuals in China’s Christian House Churches: A Case Study in Chengdu,' Taiwan Journal of Religious Studies 17 (2018): 227-249. 
3. 'The Creation of ‘Sino-Christian Hymns’: From the Perspective of the Indigenization of Chinese Christianity,' Ching Feng: A Journal on Christianity and Chinese Religion and Culture 16 (2017): 225-240. 

Other Professional Activities

Songzan serves as an editorial board member of The Journal of Research for Christianity in China, which welcomes research papers relating to Chinese Christianity. Website:   Email:

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