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Dr Haustein joined the Faculty in 2019 after teaching Religions in Africa at at the School of Oriental and African Studies (2013–2019), and Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology at the University of Heidelberg (2003–2013). He earned his PhD at Heidelberg with a study of Ethiopian Pentecostalism (2009), and completed his habilitation at the University of Heidelberg with a study of German colonialism and Islam in East Africa (2020).


Dr Haustein's research encompasses three main fields:

  1. Pentecostal and Charismatic movements
    • Pentecostalism in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa
    • Global history of Pentecostalism
    • Theory and method in the study of Pentecostal/Charismatic movements
  2. Colonialism and religions in Africa
    • Colonialism and Islam in German East Africa
    • Christian missions and colonialism in Africa
    • Post-colonial approaches to missionary archives and colonial history of religions
  3. Religion and international development
    • History of religions and development
    • Religions and the sustainable development goals
    • Religious polarisation in Ethiopia


Key publications: 


  • Colonialism and Islam in German East Africa, 1885–1918: A Genealogy of Colonial Religion. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023.

  • The Pentecostal World. London: Routledge, 2023 (ed. with M. Wilkinson)

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  • Writing Religious History: The Historiography of Ethiopian Pentecostalism. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2011 (Studies in the History of Christianity in the Non-Western World; 17)

  • Migration und Identität. Pfingstlich-charismatische Migrationsgemeinden in Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main: Lembeck, 2006 (ed., with M. Bergunder).

Journal articles (selection)

  • 'Entwichene Sprache: Glossolalie als Demarkation der Gotteserfahrung,' Berliner Zeitschrift für Theologie 39 (2022).

  • ‘Global Religious History as a Rhizome: Colonial Panics and Political Islam in German East Africa,’ Method and Theory in the Study of Religion 33/3 (2021):321–344.

  • 'Die Pfingstbewegung. Eine postkonfessionelle Herausforderung des globalen Christentums,' lead article, Theologische Literaturzeitung 146/9 (2021): 765–782.

  • ‘Religion, Populism, and the Politics of the Sustainable Development Goals,’ Social Policy and Society 20/2 (2021): S. 296-309 (with E. Tomalin)

  • ‘Development as a Form of Religious Engineering? Religion and Secularity in Development Discourse’ in Religion  51/1 (2021): 364–381.

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  • ‘Religion, Politics and an Apocryphal Admonition: The German East African “Mecca Letter” of 1908 in Historical-Critical Analysis,’ Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies,  83/1 (2020): 95–125.

  • ‘Strategic Tangles: Slavery, Colonial Policy, and Religion in German East Africa, 1885–1918’ in Atlantic Studies 14/4 (2017): 497–518.

  • ‘Introduction: The Ethiopian Pentecostal Movement – History, Identity and Current Socio-Political Dynamics,’ in PentecoStudies 12/2 (2013): 150–161.

  • ‘The New Prime Minister’s Faith: A Look at Oneness Pentecostalism in Ethiopia,’ in PentecoStudies. 12/2 (2013): 183–204.

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  • ‘Die Pfingstbewegung als Alternative zur Säkularisierung? Zur akademischen Wahrnehmung einer globalen religiösen Bewegung des 20. Jh.,’ Archiv für Sozialgeschichte 51 (2011): 533–552.

Book chapters (selection)

  • 'Formations of the Secular: Religion and State in Ethiopia' in The Palgrave Handbook of Religion and State, Volume II, ed. by Shannon Holzer. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023, pp. 465–493.

  • ‘Introduction: Remaking the Pentecostal World,’ in The Pentecostal World ed. by Michael Wilkinson and Jörg Haustein. Abingdon: Routledge, 2023, pp. 1–16 (with M. Wilkinson).

  • ‘The Strains of “Pente” Politics: Evangelicals and the Post-Orthodox State in Ethiopia,’ in Routledge Handbook on the Horn of Africa ed. by N. Bach. London: Routledge, 2021, pp. 481–494. (with D. Feyissa)

  • ‘Local Faith Communities and the Sustainable Development Goals in India and Ethiopia,’ in International Development and Local Faith Actors: Ideological and Cultural Encounters ed. by Katie Kraft and Olivia Wilkinson. London: Routledge, 2020., pp. 163–176. (with E. Tomalin)

  • ‘Provincializing Representation: East African Islam in the German Colonial Press,’ in Religion, Media, and Marginality in Modern Africa ed. by F. Becker et al. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2018, pp 70–92.

  • ‘Religion, Rasse und Recht: Der ostafrikanische Islam in der deutschen Fiktion vom „Eingeborenenrecht“‘ in Deutsch-Ostafrika. Dynamiken europäischer Kulturkontakte und Erfahrungshorizonte im kolonialen Raum ed. by Christine de Gemeaux, Stefan Noack and Uwe Puschner. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag, 2019, pp. 181–202.

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  • ‘Pfingstliche und charismatische Theologie: Eine Einführung’ in Handbuch pfingstliche und charismatische Theologie ed. by J. Haustein & G. Maltese. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2014, pp. 15-65 (with G. Maltese).

  • ‘Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in Ethiopia: A Historical Introduction to a Largely Unexplored Movement,’ Multidisciplinary Views on the Horn of Africa, ed by H. Eliese, Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2014, pp. 109–127 (Studien zum Horn von Afrika; 2).

  • ‘Die pfingstlich/charismatische Bewegungen als aktuelle Herausforderung der Äthiopisch-Orthodoxen Kirche,’ in Tradition und Wandel im Land der Königin von Saba: Ansichten aus und zu Äthiopien, ed. by K. Pinggéra, Hofgeismar: Evangelische Akademie, 2011, pp. 73–92. (Hofgeismarer Protokolle; 356)

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  • ‘Navigating Political Revolutions. Ethiopia’s Churches During and After the Mengistu Regime,’ in Falling Walls. The Year 1989/90 as a Turning Point in the History of World Christianity, ed. by K. Koschorke, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2009, pp. 117–136.

Policy-targeted research reports:

Teaching and Supervisions

  • Paper coordinator/Lecturer: World Religions in Comparative Perspective (A7)
  • Paper coordinator/Lecturer: Decolonising Christendom (C24)
  • Coordinator/Lecturer: MPhil World Christianity
  • Lecturer: Understanding Contemporary Religion (A6)
  • Lecturer: Themes in World Christianity (B7)
Research supervision: 

Topics of current and past PhD students include:

  • The reception of Chinese Christian ideas in American evangelicalism
  • Islam and Pentecostalism in communal Nigerian politics
  • The Changes and Evolution of Edi Festival in Ile-Ife From 1930 Until Now
  • The Edinburgh Missionary Society in the Caucasus: Scot Caught Between Europe and Asia
  • The End of ISEDET and the Crisis of Historic Argentine Protestantism, 1970-2015
  • Hybrid Christianity: The Creation and Development of Indigenised religion in Nias, Indonesia
  • The Evangelical debate about Christian conversion in Muslim ‘insider movements’
  • Pentecostalism and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
  • The Ecoles Franco-Arabes in Burkina Faso
  • Evangelical missions and the history of sanitation in Ethiopia
  • Methodist missions and the history of abolitionism in Sierra Leone and Liberia
  • Domestic abuse and Orthodoxy in Tigray, Ethiopia
  • Caribbean Oneness Pentecostalism in the UK
  • Missionaries and the history of ethnicity in Malawi
Associate Professor in World Christianities
Fellow, Selwyn College
Director of Studies, Selwyn College
Postgraduate Tutor, Selwyn College
Dr Jörg  Haustein

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