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Faculty of Divinity


Former student, James Norton is an actor, known for his roles as the Vicar in Granchester, Tommy Lee Royce in Happy Valley and Jude St Francis in A Little Life. James studied theology at Fitzwilliam College, graduating in 2007 with a First Class Honours. Whilst a student in the Faculty, James Norton focussed on the study of Hinduism and Buddhism and was very active in the University theatre-scene.

James descrbed studying theology at Cambridge in this Radio Times interview as vital: "The more we interrogate religion, the better. That’s why I studied theology: religion is such a significant part of our lives, whether you’re religious or not. It underpins so much art, literature and music".

He is also very candid about some of the challenges that arose from studying theology, in this archived article, "I thought that [studying theology] might give me some clarification about theology in general. It didn’t. But in a wonderful way it asked more questions than it answered. I loved doing my degree, but it made me more confused."

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