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Photocopying, Scanning and printing

Photocopying, scanning and printing


Library's multifunctional deviceOur multi-functional device uses DS-Print (and you can use your existing the so-called "Common balance", i.e. global credit), either using your blue University Card, or your CRsID and Desktop Services password. If you need to check whether you have any DS-Print credit, please go to you need to add credit, please go to:



  2p per page

A4 (black & white):

10p per page

A4 (colour):

20p per page

A3 (black & white):

20p per page

A3 (colour):

40p per page

Still got one of our old photocopier cards?

If you still have our old photocopying cards with credits, please hand them back to the Issue Desk, making sure that we have your name and CRsID. We will reimburse you on any credit on the old cards.


Printing is also available from the public work stations (you will need your Desktop Services login; if you cannot remind this, please go to and use your Raven user name and password to synchronise your passwords!)

You can also print from your laptop/net book, but you will need to set it up to print via the wireless network; for instructions, please go to


Please note that copyright laws apply at all times (whether you are printing, photocopying or scanning). These are displayed in the photocopier room.