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Dr Andrew Davison

Dr Andrew Davison

Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences

Theology and Natural Sciences

Andrew Davison is interested in taking PhD students.

Office Phone: 01223 763027


Dr Davison is the Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences in the Faculty. Previously, he was tutor in doctrine at Westcott House, Cambridge (2010-14) and before that tutor in doctrine at St Stephen's House, Oxford  and junior chaplain of Merton College (2006-10). He read chemistry at Merton in the 1990s, followed by a DPhil in biochemistry. He read Tripos in theology and religious studies at Corpus Christi, Cambridge and subsequently completed a PhD in philosophical theology with Dr Catherine Pickstock in the faculty. He is a priest of the Church of England and served a curacy in South East London.

Andrew is author of serval books, most recently Care for the Dying (Canterbury Press, 2014 - with the physician Sioned Evans), The Love of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy for Theologians (SCM, 2013) and Why Sacraments? (SPCK, 2013; Wipf and Stock, 2013). His study of mission and the church, with Alison Milbank, For the Parish: A Critique of Fresh Expressions (SCM, 2010) provoked widespread debate as the most significant theological critique of this trend in contemporary Anglican ecclesiology. His edited volume, Imaginative Apologetics: Theology, Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition (SCM, 2011; Baker Academic, 2012) has been taken up, in particular, in the United States.

2014 will see the publication of Participation: An Introduction to Christian Metaphysics (Wipf and Stock) and Blessing: Theology and Practice (Canterbury Press).

Dr Davison has organised several summer schools, conferences and study days on a wide range of topics, including Christian doctrine, theology and art, apologetics and ecclesiology. He is a regular contributor to Church Times.

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:

Research Interests

In theology and natural sciences: understandings of form and matter in theology and science; the significance of quantitative and qualitative paradigms in the discipline of theology and science; causation; theology, science, and participatory metaphysics; divine action and categories of mediation; the pastoral implications of understandings of death and dying.

Theological understandings of finitude; the history of participatory metaphysics in Christian theology; the relation of doctrines; the ethical consequences of approaches to causation; the theological significance of repetition, especially in relation to music; sacramental theology and the theological significance of blessing.

Research Supervision

I am considering applications from doctoral students, principally in the field of theology and natural sciences.


D1d: The Doctrine of God (Love and Desire)

From Michaelmas 2014: papers in science and theology

Other Professional Activities

Member of the English Anglican - Roman Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue

Member of the Society for the Study of Theology

Member of the American Catholic Philosophical Association

Member of the American Academy of Religion

Key Publications

  • Andrew P Davison, Jonathan A Jones and Ruth M Dixon, 'Separate Quantification by Doubly and Singly 13C-Labeled [sic] Metabolites by HSQC-Filtered J Spectroscopy', Journal of Magnetic Resonance 137, 448-450. (1999).
  • Leanne Roberts, Irshad Ahmed, Steve Hall and Andrew Davison, 'Intercessory Prayer for the Alleviation of Ill-health', Cochrane Review. Issue 2, April 2009. [Medical review paper]
  • For the Parish: A Critique of Fresh Expressions (with Alison Milbank, SCM Press, October 2010)
  • Creative Ideas for Children's Liturgy (Canterbury Press, three volumes) [As theological consultant]
  • Imaginative Apologetics: Theology, Philosophy and the Catholic Tradition (edited volume, SCM Press, March 2011), including the essay ‘Christian Reason and Christian Community’
  • Why Sacraments? (SPCK, 2013)
  • The Love of Wisdom: An Introduction to  Philosophy for Theologians (SCM Press, 2013)
  • Associate Editor for Ecclesiology, 9.3, September 2013 [on theological education], including the paper ‘The Ambiguities of Theological Education: Angles on Integration’, Ecclesiology 9.3, November 2013
  • Care for the Dying: A Practical and Pastoral Guide (Canterbury Press, 2014, with the physician Sioned Evans)


  • Participation: An Introduction to Christian Metaphysics (Wipf and Stock, 2014)
  • Blessing: Theology and Practice (Canterbury Press, 2014)

Other Publications

Lift Up Your Hearts [prayer book] (with Andrew Nunn and Toby Wright). London: SPCK, 2010.

Reflections for Daily Prayer, 2012-13. London: Church House Publishing, 2012.

‘Un allargamento del cuore e dello sguardo’ in Emanuela Belloni and Alberto Savorana (eds), Una Certezza per L’Esistenza. Milan: BUR Saggi, 2011.

Reflections for Daily Prayer, 2010-11. London: Church House Publishing, 2010.

‘Theology and the Renewal of the Church’ in Mark Chapman (ed.), The Hope of Things to Come: Anglicanism and the Future. London: Mowbray, 2010.

‘Political Ecclesiologies’ (with John Hughes) Ecclesiology, 9.1 (2013), 106-113.

‘Limite e grandezza dell’uomo’ in Atlantide [quarterly journal of the Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà], 20 (2010).

'La traiettoria della teologia protestante americana: la visione di don Giussani' in Emmanuela Belloni and Alberto Savorana (eds), Ridare Identità All'Uomo. Milan: BUR Saggi, 2011.

‘The Mediating Possibilities of Absence in the Thought of Simone Weil’, Theology, 865, 3-13 (2009).

‘Forgiving Debts: A Theological Perspective from Christianity’. RE Today (September 2009).

Commissioning editor for two series for Canterbury Press: Faith Going Deeper and the Westcott Foundation series

Journalism: features, book review, arts coverage or opinion pieces for The Church Times, The Church of England Newspaper, Theology, Traces and New Blackfriars.