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building exterior, front door

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window, student

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bicycle, building exterior, front door

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building interior, student

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front door, building exterior

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front door, building interior

Selwyn 7

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building exterior, student, garden

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Admin 12

building exterior, garden

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student, academic, seminar

Building 14

building exterior, garden

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building exterior, front door

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building interior, student

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building interior, Runcie Room

Bicycle 18

James Appleton, Cambridge, bicycle

Undergraduates Open Days 19

building exterior, Selwyn

Building 20

building exterior, garden

Building 21

building exterior, front door, bicycle

Subjects 22

Professor David Oates / Dr Joan Oates

Building 23

Sir Cam, building exterior

Building 24

Sir Cam, building exterior

Subjects Language 25

Sir Cam, Arabic

Subjects 26

Sir Cam, Hinduism

Subjects 27

Sir Cam, Buddha

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library, student, building interior

Library 29

building interior, library, student

Library 30

student, library, building interior

WC 31

World Christianities, Dr Naures Atto

WC 32

World Christianities, Dr Joel Cabrita

WC 35

Naures Atto

NT 37

The Treasury, Diptych with New Testament Scenes: Coronation of the Virgin, Peter Roan (Flickr)

OT 38

Gutenberg Bible, vlasta2 (flickr)

CT 39

Sir Cam

HoC 40

Santiago de Compostela, c1905, Biblioteca Nacional de España

WC 41

Henry Martyn Centre: PHP 10/1 - Chief Dores canoe & Govenor's Hulk, Sapelli, 1896

WC 42

Henry Martyn Centre: LOG 3/14 - Mrs Elizabeth Logan in Egypt, 1906

JS 43

J R Wooley (Flickr)


Early Christian gravestone, Jesus the Shepherd, Walter Parenteau (Flickr)

LA 45

San Vitale, Ravenna - seier+seier (Flickr)

RS 46

Serena Epstein (Flickr)

PoR 47

Amira Elwakil (Flickr)

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All photographs available at and used under a Creative Commons Licence. Copyright of images (clockwise from top left): Arian Zwegers, Rana Ossama, Gwen, Leon Yaakov, Ondrej Vanecek.

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Faculty of Divinity Moodle

Sep 26, 2016

Moodle has now replaced CamTools in the Faculty of Divinity.

Dr Jesse Zink Awarded Audrey Richards Prize

Sep 23, 2016

The Rev Dr Jesse Zink has been awarded the Audrey Richards Prize by the African Studies Association of the UK for his dissertation, “Christianity and Catastrophe: Sudan’s Civil Wars and Religious Change among the Dinka.” The prize recognizes the best doctoral dissertation in African studies examined in the UK in 2014 or 2015.

LibrarySearch will be switched off - save items and lists

Sep 16, 2016

On 28 September 2016, iDiscover - the new resource discovery system - will replace LibrarySearch. Please export saved items or lists from My Discoveries before the switch off of LibrarySearch.

Divinity Library changes to borrowing for non-current members of the University/external researchers

Sep 06, 2016

Since 1 September 2016, the policy for borrowing for non-current members of the University/external researchers has changed: unless you have a blue University card you will not be able to borrow from Divinity Library any more.

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