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Finding books at the Library

last modified Oct 23, 2015 04:59 PM
We have started changing our classmarks... hopefully, you'll agree that this will lead to a big improvement.
Finding books at the Library

One example of the classmarks with running numbers, next to "old style" classmarks

Since 1 October 2015 we have started adding so-called "running numbers" to our classmarks to all books newly-added to stock, which will mean that older books with the "same old classmark" will also be changed.

So instead of having several volumes of the classmark of, say, 9 CUP, these will now be 9 CUP 1, 9 CUP 2, 9 CUP 3, etc. This should make finding and shelving books easier - especially in areas where there used to be 20 or more books with exactly the same classmark.

We also have started to introduce two further changes:

IF there are multiple copies of a book, this will be indicated by “(x)”, so:

 10 BEC 3(1) = 1st copy of this book by Lucy Beckett

 10 BEC 3(2) = 2nd copy of this book by Lucy Beckett

 IF a title is the first, second, ... edition, this will be indicated by adding the letters “a”, “b”, “c”, etc. directly after the running number, so:


LIEU, Judith M.

Neither Jew Nor Greek


t&t clark



LIEU, Judith M.

Neither Jew Nor Greek


Bloomsbury T&T Clark



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