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Dr Natalja Deng

Dr Natalja Deng

TWCF Postdoctoral Fellow 'Theology, Philosophy of Religion, and the Sciences'

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science


Natalja works mainly in the philosophy of time and the philosophy of religion. She's interested in questions about whether and in what sense time passes, and whether we experience time's passing. She originally studied physical natural sciences at Cambridge, and then philosophy at Oxford. Her D.Phil. thesis, directed by Oliver Pooley, is entitled 'Time, Experience, and the A versus B debate'. In it, she defends the B-theory of time from the challenge arising from temporal experience and develops a minimal view of temporal passage as temporal succession. 

In the philosophy of religion, her interests include the meaningfulness (or otherwise) of religious language, and the viability of religious fictionalism. She's currently a postdoc within Prof. Sarah Coakley’s TWCF project ‘Theology, Philosophy of Religion, and the Sciences’, and a Bye-Fellow at Murray Edwards College. The project presents an opportunity to explore questions at the intersection between the philosophy of time and the philosophy of religion. See here for a project description, and the academia link for her publications to date.