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Faculty of Divinity


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Dr Peter Waddell Dean of Chapel, University of Winchester
Robert S. Walker
Jane Wallace 01223 763437
Dr Giles Waller Research Associate and Affiliated Lecturer , Faculty of Divinity and Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme
Alison Walton 01223 746592 Director of Pastoral Studies, Ridley Hall
Jennifer Webster
Professor Joseph Webster 01223 763093 Professor of the Anthropology of Religion, Fellow and DoS, Social Anthropology, Downing, Graduate Tutor, Downing
Dr Daniel H. Weiss 01223 763412 Polonsky-Coexist Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies, Fellow and Graduate Tutor, Darwin College
Jason Wendel PhD Student in New Testament
Dr Paul Weston 01223 746589 Tutor in Mission & Homiletics and Admissions Tutor, Ridley Hall
Ellie Wiener
Jonathan Wilken
Edward Wilkins
Dr Peter Williams 01223 566601 Principal, Tyndale House
Katy Williams 01223 763116 Graduate Studies Co-ordinator
Rowan Williams
Simeon O. Williams
James Wilson
Peter Winch
Dr Timothy Winter 01223 763022 Shaykh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies
Alison Wood
Revd Dr Naomi Wormell
Abraham Wu