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Nathan Guy


I am presently a PhD student in the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge University, specializing in philosophy of religion and Christian theology. Under the supervision of Janet Martin Soskice, I am working on the theological foundations of John Locke’s political thought. This historical work is situated within my wider interests in the ongoing ethical debates concerning equality, human rights, the origins of morality, and the role of religion in the public square. In 2006, I obtained the MPhil in New Testament studies from Oxford University, writing on the nature of revelation in the Fourth Gospel. In 2011, I completed the MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science, writing on the philosophical challenge—posed by Peter Singer and the Great Ape Project—to intuitions regarding human dignity and equality qua human, absent some transcendent principle. When I am not studying (like that ever happens), I enjoy any activity—especially baseball—that involves spending time with friends.

Subject area and speciality

Christian Theology specialists:

Locke, The Bible and Basic Equality: Contributions to Philosophical and Political Ethics

Philosophy of Religion specialists:

Locke, The Bible and Basic Equality: Contributions to Philosophical and Political Ethics

Research Interests

Philosophy of Religion & Philosophical Theology

Moral Philosophy & Ethics

Christian Theology

New Testament Studies

Political Philosophy

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Open Afternoon for potential applicants

Feb 20, 2017

The next Open Afternoon for our undergraduate course is on Monday 24th April. Bookings now open!

Decani Scholarship applications invited

Feb 16, 2017

Clare College is inviting applications for the Decani Scholarship.

Dr Beth Singler Discusses 'The Rise of the Robots' on BBC Radio 4

Feb 13, 2017

Dr Beth Singler, Former PhD student and research associate at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, recently discussed the role of robots in science and culture on the BBC's Today programme.

Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion Masterclass at Corpus Christi College, 29 March

Feb 01, 2017

This event is aimed at inquisitive students in Year 12 (or equivalent) at UK schools only, and features a series of challenging and inspiring taster lectures.

2017 Henry Martyn Lectures

Feb 01, 2017

“Who Are My People: Christianity, Violence, and Belonging in Post-Colonial Africa.” The series takes place on 20, 21, and 22 February at 5.30pm in the Runcie Room, Faculty of Divinity.

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