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Pictures etc.

 Title   Type 
Image JPEG imageCamping Ullivi close to Marina di Campo beach. La Foce area. Public (summer) library? Image
Image JPEG imagePhoto provided as "Public Domain" ; photographed by Julian Correa (FlickR) Image
Image JPEG imageSecuirty System, gates and self-issue, 13 September 2017 Image
Image JPEG imageSecurity System & self-issue gates at Divinity Library, 13 September 2017 Image
Image PNG imageWordle of Changes from 18 September 2017 Image
Image PNG imageSummer... beach Image
Image PNG imageSearching like a pro poster (Nov 2017) Image
Image PNG imageVacation borrowing for UG & MPhil students, from 27 November 2017 Image
Image PNG imageRecalls turned off Image
Image PNG imagePhd or Post-Phd? Renew or borrow now for 2018 due date Image
Image JPEG imageBench in the snow, photographed by Lali Masriera, FlickR visualpanic (CC BY 2.0) Image
Image PNG imageNo access to My Library Account between 23 Dec 2017 and 9 Jan 2018 Image
Image JPEG imageKeep calm - ask a librarian Image
Image PNG imageBanner with coffee beans as background, stating that we have no working library system. Image
Image JPEG imageSherlock Holmes illustration by Sidney Paget (1904). Image
Image PNG imageNew System launched Image
Image PNG imageNew system launched Image
Image PNG imageLocation of Sidgbox Image
Image JPEG imageMulti-functional device at Divinity Faculty Library, University of Cambridge, UK. Current members of the University can print, scan and photocopy here. Image
Image JPEG imageThermometer in Divinity Faculty Library, showing nearly 20C / 69F! Image
Image PNG imageVacation_borrowingMarch2018.png Image
Image PNG imageDivinity Library Survey on Qualtrics Image
Image PNG imageNo NEW reader registrations (5 & 6 June 2018) Image
Image JPEG image2018summervacationborrowing.jpg Image
Image PNG image2529JuneLibraryclosedforstockcheck.png Image
Image PNG imageEaster Closure 2018 Image
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_2018summervacationborrowing.jpg Image
Image PNG imageEnglish Faculty Library, Casimir Lewy Library (Philosophy), Divinity Library (all at Uni. of Cambridge) Image
Image JPEG imagePhotos of two Sidgboxes Image
Image PNG imageUniversity's training site (screenshot) Image
Image JPEG imageHeight-adjustable desks at Divinity Faculty Library Image
Image PNG imagePreview of Qualtrics survey on re-classmarking in 2018 Image
Image JPEG imageOne-day grace explained Image
Image PNG imageVacation Borrowing November 2018 Image
Image PNG imageBlack Friday Afternoon 30 Nov 2018 Image
Image PNG imageOpening Hours Dec 2018-Jan 2019 Image