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Faculty of Divinity


I am an MPhil student in Philosophy of Religion at the Faculty of Divinity, writing on metaphysical structure and philosophical theology. 

Focussing on the nature and foundations of metaphysics, I hope to articulate, after G. W. F. Hegel, a systematic and self-recursive hermeneutic of speculative totality. This shall provide a theoretical distillate of the inner logic supervising both the genealogical-presuppositional reductions of recent theological interrogations of modernity and elaborate the foundations of their reappraisal of premodern trinitarian metaphysics. To this end, I shall incorporate the work of Radical Orthodoxy, William Desmond, and the 20th-century Jesuit Erich Przywara. My supervisor for this project is Professor Catherine Pickstock. 

I have previously read philosophy at the University of Warwick. There, under the guidance of Professor Stephen Houlgate, I wrote on John Duns Scotus, Immanuel Kant, and Johann Gottfried Herder.



‘Metacritique and the Dynamics of Retrieval: Radical Orthodoxy, Sergii Bulgakov and a Task for Trinitarian Ontology’, in New Trinitarian Ontologies. Volume One: Theoretical Essays. Edited by R. Haecker, J. D. Lyonhart and J. Milbank (Wipf and Stock, forthcoming)



The Dynamics of Retrieval and the Philosophical Task for Trinitarian Ontology

Delivered at the ‘New Trinitarian Ontologies’ panel of the European Academy of Religion’s annual conference. St Andrews, June 2023

Writing and Reconciliation: Endō Shūsakū and Maurice Blanchot on the ‘Outside’

Delivered at the ‘The Inner, the Outer, and the Other: Philosophical Reflections on Theology and Externality’ panel of the European Academy of Religion’s annual conference. St Andrews, June 2023.

Propositionality, Formality, Ontology: Contradiction in Eriugena, Anselm and Eckhart

Delivered at the ‘Contradictory Theology and its History’ workshop at the University of Edinburgh, September 2023.

Research Interests: Metaphysics, Systematic and Philosophical Theology, Trinitarian Ontology, Radical Orthodoxy, Patristics, German Idealism, Continental Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology and Post-structuralist thought. 


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