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Faculty of Divinity


Mrs Margaret Dunlop Gibson (died 1920) and Mrs Agnes Smith Lewis (died 1926) bequeathed funds to establish Lewis and Gibson Scholarships at Westminster College, Cambridge. The funds presently realise (in 2014) about £7300 per annum, and this income is administered by a Board of Electors under the authority of the College Governors and the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church.

The main terms and conditions of this scholarship include the following:

  1. The scholar must be a member of the United Reformed Church, or of a member-church of the World Communion of Reformed Churches which holds Presbyterian order and is not established by the state.
  2. The scholar should have been recognised by his or her church as a candidate for the ministry, but should not yet have been ordained.
  3. The scholar is normally expected to be a graduate of a recognised university.
  4. The scholar is required to reside in Cambridge, and to be a member of Westminster College.
  5. The scholar is required to study for a degree or diploma (normally a degree) of Cambridge University. The Electors wish to encourage applications for the taught M.Phil. in theology, or from a doctoral student. The scholar must go through the University's own admission procedures: holding the scholarship does not guarantee admission; separate negotiations are needed.
  6. The Electors are required to award the scholarship on merit.

The Electors now invite applications for the scholarship for the academic year 2017-18. The Electors are currently reviewing the terms and use of the scholarship, and so cannot guarantee extending this award beyond one year.

Applications for the scholarship in 2017-18 should be made as soon as possible, and at the latest before 31st December 2016. First send a brief note of enquiry to the address below, and you will be advised how to apply formally.

Contact Address for Enquiry or Application

The Director of Studies (Cambridge University)

Westminster College

Madingley Road

Cambridge CB3 0AA


Notes on finance and accommodation

Students coming to Cambridge University will need funds to cover the following: (i) university Composition Fee; (ii) university college fee; (iii) maintenance and living costs. The income of the scholarship therefore cannot cover the full academic and living expenses of a graduate student. The student would need to have substantial financial support from elsewhere. Cambridge graduate students are not allowed to combine fulltime study with a part-time job.

A student who came to Cambridge alone would be welcome to apply for a room in the Westminster College residential block, and we also have a few flats that are suitable for a couple. Family accommodation can be more difficult to arrange and quite expensive.


Current students and supervisors can access the Faculty’s Moodle page by clicking on the image below.