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Dr Simone Kotva

Dr Simone Kotva

Research Fellow, Emmanuel College

Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Divinity

Philosophical theology

Office Phone: 1223762855


After receiving my Ph.D. in Divinity from Emmanuel College I spent the spring semester of 2016 teaching philosophical theology at the Institute for Literature, Intellectual History and Religion at the University of Gothenburg. In Michaelmas 2016 I returned to Emmanuel College as a research fellow to work on a metaphysics of nature. My published work is concerned with the poetics of 'writing nature' and I have a particular interest in the tradition of French spiritualist philosophy (Maine de Biran, Ravaisson, Bergson). Since 2016 I have been lecturing in the faculty and from 2017 I will be teaching a new MPhil module: Facing the Environmental Future: Theology in the Anthropocene, together with Dr Hjördis Becker-Lindenthal.

Research Interests

Metaphysics, Nature, Poetics, French spiritualism 





A8 (Philosophy of Religion and Ethics), B10 (God, Freedom and the Soul), B11 (Ethics and Faith: The Good), C11 (Metaphysics)


Facing the Environmental Future: Theology in the Anthropocene 

Other Professional Activities

In 2017-2018 I will be helping to run two exciting seminar groups: Theologies of Reading (based in CRASSH) and Women of the Bible (based in Emmanuel College). Please see links for more information.

Key Publications

Kotva, S. (Forthcoming, 2018), Attention: Thomas A. Clark and Simone Weil. Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry. 

Kotva, S. (2017) Sealanguage: Field Notes from the Anthropocene. Journal PARSE. 

Kotva, S. (2016), The God of Effort: Henri Bergson and the Stoicism of Modernity. Modern Theology, 32: 397–420.

Kotva, S. (2015), Gilles Deleuze, Simone Weil and Education as a 'Violent Training'. Theory, Culture and Society, 32: 101-121.  


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