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Dr Simone Kotva

Dr Simone Kotva

Research Fellow, Emmanuel College

Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Divinity

Philosophical theology

Office Phone: 1223762855


After receiving my Ph.D. in Divinity from Emmanuel College I spent the spring semester of 2016 teaching philosophical theology at the Institute for Literature, Intellectual History and Religion at the University of Gothenburg. In Michaelmas 2016 I returned to Emmanuel College as a research fellow to work on a metaphysics of nature. My published work is concerned with the poetics of 'writing nature' and I have a particular interest in the tradition of French spiritualist philosophy (Maine de Biran, Ravaisson, Bergson). 

Research Interests

Metaphysics, Nature, Poetics, French spiritualism 


A8 (Philosophy of Religion and Ethics), B10 (God, Freedom and the Soul), B11 (Ethics and Faith: The Good), C11 (Metaphysics)

Key Publications

Kotva, S. (Forthcoming, 2017), Minimalism, Metaphysics: Thomas A. Clark. Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry. 

Kotva, S. (2016), The God of Effort: Henri Bergson and the Stoicism of Modernity. Modern Theology, 32: 397–420.

Kotva, S. (2015), Gilles Deleuze, Simone Weil and Education as a 'Violent Training'. Theory, Culture and Society, 32: 101-121. 

Kotva, S. (2015) The Soul At Work: A Reading in Romantic
Vitalism. In The Resounding Soul: Reflections on the Metaphysics and Vivacity of the Human Person. Eds. E. Kimbriel and E. A. Lee. Eugene, OR.

Kotva, S. (2014) Stations. Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, 2: 306-22.