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Faculty of Divinity



  • Ancient Christianity: History and Theology
  • Late antique and medieval Church Councils and Synods
  • Authority and legitimacy in patristic theological discourses
  • The history of biblical exegesis


Key publications: 
  • Christus interpres. Die Einheit von Auslegung und Verkündigung in der Lukaserklärung des Ambrosius von Mailand. (Patristische Texte und Studien, 41) Berlin/New York (de Gruyter) 1994
  • Die Kirche der Väter. Vätertheologie und Väterbeweis in den Kirchen des Ostens bis zum Konzil von Ephesus (431). (Beiträge zur Historischen Theologie, 118) Tübingen (Mohr Siebeck) 2002
  • Research articles, eg., on the First Council of Ephesus, fourth-century synods; Origen, Athanasius, Ambrose of Milan, Cyril of Alexandria, Theodoret of Cyrus, John Cassian, Pope Celestine and others. Cf. recently:
    • The Synod of Constantinople, AD 383. History and Historiography, in: Millenium Jahrbuch 7 (2010), 133-168.
    • "Reading" the First Council of Ephesus (431), in: The Council of Chalcedon in Context, ed. R. Price & M. Whitby, (TTH Contexts, 1), Liverpool (University Press), 2009, 27-44.

Teaching and Supervisions

  • Christianity in Late Antiquity (to ca. 600)
  • Councils in Context
Professor of Ancient Christian History and Patristic Studies
Director of Studies in Theology, Homerton College
Dr Thomas  Graumann

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