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Faculty of Divinity


Policy changes since 8 August 2019Screenshot Libguides Borrowing in Cambridge Libraries, August 2019

In line with most Faculty and Departmental libraries at the University of Cambridge, we have yesterday changed a fair number of policies, primarily to make borrowing across different libraries simpler.

The biggest change for all users:

  • Overdue, requested books need to be returned within 3 days of you receiving notification that another borrower needs the item.
  • Fines for overdue, requested items is £1 per day per item

 The biggest changes for current staff and student of the University of Cambridge (only) are:

  • Automatic renewals until either an item is requested, or the expiry of your status at the University (for students the end of their last academic year in the current degree, for staff the end of their contract).
  • No fines for overdue books (i.e. non-requested items, as books are auto-renewed there will not be any overdue, non-requested loans for current members of the University of Cambridge).

The updated Divinity Library rules can be found at

 The Camguides for Borrowing at Cambridge libraries are available at