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Faculty of Divinity


Corpus Christi college invite entries from sixth-form students for their theology essay prize.

Corpus Christi College is pleased to launch the Hoskin Theology Essay Competition for the year 2018 which is open to all students in Year 12 (Lower Sixth). A maximum of two entries per school or college is invited. There is a “pot” of £500, with a First Prize of £300. Essays, which should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words long (including footnotes), can be submitted in answer to one of the following questions:

1 What questions might the presence of life elsewhere in the universe pose to theology? Answer with respect to a world religious tradition of your choice.

2 What does the commemoration of the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation mean for the twenty-first century?

3 How should knowledge of the Jewish and Hellenistic world of the first century inform our understanding of the New Testament?

4 What does the study of religion miss if it neglects to consider material culture, such as visual art, architecture or archaeological remains?

Full information is available here.