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Faculty of Divinity



Day in honour of Judith Lieu

May 18th, Runcie Room, Faculty of Divinity,

University of Cambridge



10.45  Welcome


11.00   James Carleton Paget: ‘The scholarly contribution of Judith Lieu’.


11.40   Martin Goodman, 'Paul on forced circumcision and persecution in                           Galatians 6:12'.


12.30   Lunch


  2.00   Francis Watson, ‘What is a Gospel?’


  2.50   Eddie Adams, ‘Jesus the light in John's Gospel’.


  3.40   Short break


  3.50   Jane McLarty, ‘Dreams of Paradise: early Christian visions                

            of the afterlife’.


  4.30   Judith Lieu


Undergraduates, Graduates, Senior Members of the University

and Members of the Public, ALL WELCOME